Moving to Switzerland in January 2016 was a huge jump out of my comfort zone but my partner had a new job so we packed up our belongings in our car and made the move! It's been a crazy time including growing our little family with our boy, Reuben, who was born in January 2018.

I have found being a mum so hard at times but as I am sure most parents out there would agree it really is the best job in the world.  

I have had this idea in my mind for a long time and the more our little boy grows up the more he has inspired me to just go for it!  

So here we are with Reuben’s Boutique. 


Reuben’s boutique is an online shop full of amazing, unique, some self designed, eco friendly, high quality children's clothing with many products also being made from recycled materials. 

I hope you love all the items as much as I do. 

Happy shopping and best wishes 

Tiffany and Reuben